Protagonist Flan is in his early twenties, educated in the Arts and utterly in love with the poetry and philosophy which brought him to Dublin. Without a job or family support he finally runs out of couches to sleep on. With nowhere to go, Flan wanders through Dublin streets aching to know his value in the broken scales of a country in recession. His poetic reflections tell a visual story of what love and living means to forgotten young creatives from their aching, internal lives.
In 2021 Flaneur was awarded as the Best Joycean Short by the Bloomsday Film Festival!
Director and Editor: Alexandra Vetter
Writer: Katie McNeice
Actors: Aron Hugo Hegarty
Year: 2021

On his day off Greg is awakened by a call from his colleague, asking him to come in to the office immediately for a very important job. When trying to get out of bed and comply with the request, Greg fails due to a „small obstacle“… Free interpretation of Kafka’s „Metamorphosis“
In 2014 Greg’s Transformation was selected for the Open Film Festival Weiterstadt in Germany.
Director, Writer and Editor: Alexandra Vetter
Actors: Barry Nolan
Year: 2014

Over the rooftops of an Italian town he is trying to impress her. He promises to fight anyone who ever tries to come between him and his love. On the way home he gets his chance.
Director, Writer and Editor: Alexandra Vetter
Actors: Eleonora Longobardi, Simone Mazzella
Year: 2018

Anthony must leave, but Holly doesn’t want to let him go. He promises to be back soon. Tires squeal, a loud bang. Holly wakes up drenched in sweat. Alone. Trying process the loss, present and past, imagination and reality blur.
Director and Co-Writer: Alexandra Vetter
Co-Writer: Joe Homan
Editor: Bill McHugh
Actors: Aron Hugo Hegarty
Year: 2019


This film gives a behind-the-scenes-look into the production of Mario Damolin’s Film „Tightrope Walk – Remembering Eugenia Ginzburg“ that was broadcast by German Southwest Broadcasting (SWR). The director and the main protagonist Antonina Axenova talk about their encounter and working with each other, revealing difficulties and interesting moments.
Film by Alexandra Vetter
Year: 2014

In 2015, the Evgeniia Ginzburg and Antonina Axenova Collection was opened to students and researchers in the Universityof Notre Dame, South Bend. The collection consists of several parts. The most important part revolves around Evgeniia Ginzburg (1904-1977), who spent 18 years in the Stalin GULAG and who chronicled those years in her memoir translated into English as: Journey into the Whirlwind and Within the Whirlwind. Another part of the collection revolves around Antonina Axenova, who was born in the Kolyma camps and who was adopted by Ginzburg in 1949.
Film by Alexandra Vetter and Mario Damolin
Year: 2015